B.I.W.F. reviews of books, historical places and Scriptures

Introduction to this Website

In the United Kingdom Full Members are scattered throughout these Isles with Associate Members across the world, so we have decided to launch this website to keep people in touch with the latest book reviews, interesting historical places and inspiring passages from the Scriptures in short video clips.

In the past 100 years since the founding of the British-Israel-World Federation (B.I.W.F.) there have been many changes in technology. In the early days they had lantern slides and huge charts. Today we have the Internet and young and old have embraced the convenience of this age. We obtain our information by watching videos on our mobile phones from around the world in an instant.

We intend to build up the number of videos on the reviews of our books from Covenant Publishing and there will be a different selection regularly so keep coming back to see the latest ones.

It is costly and time consuming to see all the interesting historical places in the world but through this website visiting can be made easy.

There are many passages of Scripture that can be inspiring and comforting. The selection of these will change regularly too.

For the technical folk out there the subject of video formats is huge. We have covered the format of H264 for the IE and Safari browsers in the ‘Apple’ format. Also we have provided the WebM format for the Android, Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. This covers about 90% of all browsers used. Enjoy!